Mixed Swiss Championship 2022

We are happy to host the second leg of the Mixed Swiss Championship 2022. The tournament will take place the 24. and 25. of Semptember on the «Sportplatz Allmend» in Bern (Mingerstrasse 12, 3014 Bern). Come by to watch some Ultimate, there will be games through all the day!

Accomodation for players

We are contractually required to collect the following information from every person sleeping in the accomodation: First name, last name, year of birth.
We therefore need everyone to fill in the form below. Thank you for your Cooperation!

If you have any symptoms of illness, please do not sleep in the bunker. If you have a positive covid test following a stay in the bunker, please get in touch.

If you want to dry your cleats overnight, please leave them in the very first room you enter. This will reduce grass and dirt in the bunker and improve air quality for everybody 😉

Lets have a great weekend!